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Thinking of Him Movie Review

Friends, Thinking of Him is such an English language film which is going to be released on 6 May 2022. The film is of one hour and 47 minutes. There are two parallel stories in this film. One tells a story about Gurudev Tagore and the other tells a story about Victoria Octo. You will see many new characters in the film. It has been told about Shantiniketan in the film that when he meets Kamali.

Thinking of Him Movie Casting

Talking about the casting of the film, the main actor will be seen in it, Victor Banerjee. The second actress is Eleanora Vikasal. The third artist is Hector Board Dhoni and the fourth artist is Reema Sen. Who you will be seen playing the role of Kamali. The director of this film is Bablu Kesar and the producer of the film is Suraj K Kumar. Toss Jeronimo has done the screenplay of the film. For those who know how to think on the spiritual plane, it is a great movie to watch. We request you that such people who think a lot on spirituality, they must watch this film. How did you like this information, do write to us. Stay tuned to the website for other movies information.

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